Meet Julien Sanchez, your project manager

Search marketing specialist

I’m Julien Sanchez, founder and manager at Video N SEO. Originally from Paris, France, I’ve been here in Perth since 2012.

After working for the very first digital content agency in France, which was my first experience in the SEO industry (back in 2007), I’ve had the chance to travel the world and discover different cultures.

Why I started Video N SEO

With time, I’ve realised that business owners who wanted to rank high on search engines, did not have the knowledge (and time) to understand what SEO is and how it works. I’ve also realised that business owners were keener to delegate their SEO campaigns to an agency or someone they trust.

What if there was a pre-selected package (that works!) or service allowing businesses to get just the best for their SEO campaigns?

Premade packages to help you rank and generate more sales

At Video N SEO, services have been designed to work straight out of the box. Whether you need blogs, web page copywriting or ads, there is a package that will work for you.

The available packages contain everything businesses need to boost their SEO or get more successful ads.

My core values


I have a passion for everything I do as a project manager (SEO, ads, video).


I always work on getting my clients to the next level. Improving is the goal.


The digital industry is constantly changing. I make sure to keep myself up to date.


I provide honest advice and recommendations to my clients and the services they only need.

Are you looking to hire someone for your digital marketing? Or perhaps you’re already using an agency or someone, but would like to get my advice?